Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Genie's Dream Unboxing and Review

     I got the amazing pleasure of working with A Genie's Dream! A unique subscription service that sends you monthly essentials and gifts. After unboxing this subscription I was instantly in love. This has to be one of the best boxes that I have received to date. It definitely is worth its price point ($25 per month) and there is also an organic option available at an additional cost ($40 per month)

One thing I loved about this box is the wide array of items that I received, from candy to an adorable sequence bag! I am mildly OBSESSED with this adorable bag, I may even end up using it as a clutch. I was able to fit everything but the cotton candy received inside the bag which I love. It keeps everything together and makes it easy to just toss in your bag and go!

 I just had to give you a close up of this bag! It looks like Mermaid scales and when you push the sequence in a different direction, it changes from blue to purple! (see video). I would order this on a monthly basis as so many more items were received than I expected and they were all amazing quality. Nothing cheap here! You can tell the amount of thought and care went into choosing the items and packing this tube, right down to the little details, like wrapping items are presents! This tube is just absolute genius! 

This is everything that was received in my A Genie's Dream tube!
* Sequence Zipper Bag
*Love Luxe Beauty Fantasy Pallette
*Rising Star Necklace
*A Bag of Fluff Stuff Cotton Candy
*Buxom Lip Cream in Mudslide
* The Original Oil Shop, Essential Oil Roll On in Happy Genie
*2 Lindor Truffles
*2 Christmas Package Chocolates
*5 Pads
*5 Tampons multiple sizes

Watch The Unboxing!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Perfectly Polished Starter Kit/ Unboxing

Perfectly Polished Nail Strips

Perfectly Polished is a consultant based Nail Polish Strip Company.
All nail polish strips are 5-Free! They require no dry time, no heat to apply them, and are easily removed with nail polish remover. 
This ensures that damage isn't happening to your nails due to removal of the nail strips, unlike some other leading brands. 
All nail polish strips are $8 per set, if not ordered in the starter kit.

Perfectly Polished is only $25 to join! and $3 Shipping! 
That includes this awesome starter kit worth over $50!!!

In the starter kit you will receive:
4 Random Sets of Nail Polish Strips!
1 Full Sized Body Lotion
1 Buffer Block
1 Nail File
1 Revitalizing Cuticle Oil

To Join or check out our nail strips:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freedom Japanese Market Unboxing and Video

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription’s start at only 12.99 a month, and go up depending on the quantity of snacks you’d like. The one I received was the 24.99 option with 12-16 full sized snacks!!

I absolutely loved this box! It has to be one of my favorites as I wouldn’t have tried these if it hadn’t been for the box and I am absolutely in love with the Chocolate Umaibo which was the puffed corn covered in chocolate 😍 I wish that there were more!

I absolutely love this box! Even though there were flavors that we weren't too keen on, we loved most of the items included! I am thinking about subscribing to this box, as I would like to see the other possibilities in future boxes. I think it is a blast trying foods from different places, and without receiving the Freedom Japan Market subscription for review, I never would've had the opportunity to try anything in the box! 

Dillon is not used to being on camera and looks so uncomfortable/nervous lol

To order your subscription visit:
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