Tuesday, May 28, 2013

T Lee Custom Designs Review & Giveaway

I have recently had to pleasure of having a custom bag made from Tricia at T Lee Custom Designs
she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Some more info about T Lee Custom Designs:

Most of my "Pockets of Love" tote bags are customizable. The inside pockets are made of a printed fabric that reminds you of someone/thing you love. So, every time you open your tote bag to retrieve an item, you are reminded of your own treasure! All bags are customizable by size, fabric and pocket design. Please contact me for custom orders.

So that's what I did,  I messaged her and got a speedy response, and help choosing the correct fabrics and each and every customized detail.

I pretty much told her I wanted the inside to be a monkey print, as thats what I call my two kids, on the outside i wanted a nice summer, print but nothing to crazy. Here is what she we came up with for fabrics.

Talk about a nice summery look right?

Tricia is a speedy person, shes got her own lil princess to worry about and I swear I got this bag in less than a week completed, including time for fabric to arrive, to her making it and shipping it.

The finalized bag arrived, and I was in shock it was beautiful... not just it was made to be sturdy, nicely padded,pocked on both the outside and inside. Beautiful stitching and I thrilled to be carrying it around. Each and every time I get into it I get a lil smile on my face with that monkey fabric reminding me of my awesome monkeys.

The inside pockets are big enough to fit a smaller tablet such as a kindle and the outside pockets securly fit a cell phone. Which is great for me cause its easy to just grab it from the side for me. 

Here is my completed bag.

Now, Tricia doesn't just make Custom Bags, she also makes shoe bags, purses, and diaper bags, I also know shes in the planning stages or making a mommy and me type of bag so your lil princess can tote around a bag just like mommy.

Tricia has been wonderful to work with and I am so glad to have this amazing bag,

Two awesome ways to get a little discount on her amazing custom bags, if you head over to her etsy site and contact her through it, Saying you contacting her from Sparkling Star Reviews Blog, you will get a 10% coupon on her items.

Second way, is to enter this awesome giveaway which gives you a chance to get a bag half price. Yes, that 50% off.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kair Review & Giveaway

Kair Review & Giveaway

So are you ever getting your kids into the shower only to hear the following complaint? Mom, I don't want the water in my eyes... or Mom, there's soap in my eyes?

Well, thankfully Kair thought of that when they created this nifty visor like product. My son Hates yes capitalized there... HATES, getting his eyes wet and its the end of the world if no tear shampoo hits his eyes...

I was randomly viewing my facebook page one day and saw this neat visor, upon further inspection a light bulb hit. So, without wasting anymore time... I messaged them and was quickly sent a green visor to test and review. I am so so glad. My son couldn't wait to get in the shower to try it out upon hearing what it claims to do which is block the water and soap from running into your kids eyes or if you have a toddler.. letting the water run off the back of the head instead of the front.

Made to fit any size head from that of your 6 month old, your 12 year old or yourself this super squishy visor with air filled insert is a great addition to any shower or bathtime. Comes in Green, Blue and a Pink/Purpleish color.

I know both my boys will no longer get cleaned up without the help of the Kair Bath Visor. What an amazing product.

Not only were they amazingly nice enough to send me a copy but you get your chance for one to.

All you have to do is fill out this rafflecopter entry form, liking Kair and checking out there website.. to enter yourself. Leave a blog comment letting us know what you think is so neat about this product.

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