Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review - My Crochet Garden

Winters Coming, so what better than finding that new stylish hat and scarf for this cold season. I got to work with Sharon from My Crochet Garden.

You can tell immediately that Sharon takes pride in her work. She handcrafts the items for each customer. Customizing as much as possible to there needs and wants. Colors, patterns etc. She is very precise as to figuring out what you need.

I was very pleased from our initial conversation right through to the very end, she let me know there were additional color choices to the product, when she planned on getting it shipped, when she got it shipped and it arrived gift wrapped. How amazing to have a product sent with it being gift wrapped and saving you some time.

I got this set which included an adorable hat with an infinity scarf listed on her etsy site as Crochet Slouch Hat and Infinity Scarf Set in the eggplant color, its a soft set, with thick crochet work and you can just tell it will keep you warm during those super chilly days. I personally can't wait for the first snowfall now, just to see how warm.

You can find items such as hats, scarfs, baby photo props, jewelry and much more over at her Etsy Site My Crochet Garden. I would fully recommend working with Sharon at her shop, I don't see you regretting the decision. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whitewater Soap Company Review and Giveaway

I have recently worked with Annette at Whitewater Soap Company, who is just the sweetest person to work with. Quick responses with answers to any question I had. A real pleasure to work with.

She sent me a sampler pack of items which was just a huge variety of items I was shocked to see everything.

Lotions In The Following Scents:

Christmas Collection - Spicy Orange and Cranberry,
Peppermint Cream, Spearmint, Gingerbread, Sugar Plum,

Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry

All these lotions have a nice scent, nothing to strong or to weak and is a nice lotion as well, doesnt leave a greasy finish.
Made in both Soy Lotions or Paraben-Free Lotions

Showers and Body Washes in the following scents:

Sweetie Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Love Ya, Crisp n Clean and Strawberry

Sweetie Pie is my absolute favorite I will end up buying this as my new Shower Gel!

Crisp n Clean was used by the hubby and he enjoyed the crisp clean smell without anything to sweet or floral.


Soaps in the following Scents

Sweetie Pie Loofah Pedicure Bar - A treat for your feet!
With a slice of loofah embedded, a layer of skin softening
 oatmeal, and scented soap, this is a pedicure scrubbing
 pad that is sure to soften the rough spots on your feet --
 cracked heels or dry skin.

This is just an amazing product  a awesome smelling soap with a loofah in the soap this works great to clear the dead skin from your feet leaving it soft and smooth, who doesnt want soft feet.

Pumpkin Pie Bar

Doesn't this look edible?  Smells great as well, helps soften the skin and leaving a nice scent behind.

Oatmeal Scrubby Exfoliating Facial Bars
Mint Julep Shea Butter Bar
Tangerino Shea Butter Bar

Other Items I was Sent

Fruit Twist Fizzing Bath Powder
Soothing Eyelid Serum
Lemon Lotion Bar
Lemon phospate free laundry detergent
Simply Gentle Moisturizer

Every product was beautifully packaged and arrived intact. Laundry soap left a soft lemon scent on the clothing even days after it had been washed ( i fully enjoyed that as lemon is my favorite) 

A fantastic company to work with and one to continue using. Thanks Annette for sending such amazing products my way.

She has sent a adorable gift set for you amazing followers
 1 container of Pumpkin Pie Lotion
1 Pumpkin Pie Bar Soap
Soap Dish

To enter hit the rafflecopter below
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buy and Giveaway

I know how much you guys love our giveaways... hell I love them too! But the important thing about our giveaways are the awesome companies that we are representing in the review. Lately I have been working a lot with Etsy stores. Etsy stores are a great way to get one of a kind products and items at reasonable prices and meet some really amazing shop owners in the process. So far I have not worked with an Etsy store that I haven't liked. 

I know a few of you that have made purchases as a result of the reviews that I have posted.  With the holidays around the corner... why not get that special someone, niece, brother, nephew, sister, dad , mom , your cousins aunts uncles baby's mama a gift too? Just an idea. If you purchase from one of the stores below and place the confirmation link to your order in the box supplied by the Rafflecopter Box below, you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon or Etsy Gift Card as a Thank You!

If you need help finding the link to supply in Rafflecopter or to send to my email(if you have more than one) Please email me and ask, I will be more than happy to help, or have the shop owner confirm your purchase to me... they know how to reach me :)

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SmiLe aGain Creations Review and Giveaway

I have a mild addiction with handbags... we have a love hate relationship. I love them and hate them because I can't own all of them in creation. How amazing would that be? I got the great pleasure of working with Susie this week. The owner and operator of SmiLe aGain Creations on Etsy. She has a wide range of unique handmade items in her shop... the one that caught my eye? Her buckeyes hobo bag. 

You may not know who the buckeyes are... Ohio State baby! I love them! and Susie made a kickass hobo bag out of an Ohio State t-shirt. So not only do I have a killer, casual purse but it is also sporting my favorite team. She also carries bags from other colleges and teams in case you aren't interested in Ohio state... although I don't know why you wouldn't be ..(just sayin!). She also has some more plain bags, you know if you aren't really into sports, but want to look fashionable and comfy with your new hobo. She has a style for everyone!

Susie is nice and an amazing shop owner. Everything is reasonably priced and perfectly giftable.  She is so friendly. I wish in the customer service world that I always got to deal with someone like Susie. She is quick to answer any questions you may have and never makes you feel like you are asking too many. You can tell that she takes great pride in what she makes and wouldn't send you anything or represent anything but the best!

As stated above I received the Ohio State hobo. It is a medium sized hobo bag with tons of room for everything you need to carry on a daily basis. I was able to fit 4 cell phones, an iPad, a Kindle fire, A small make up case, my wallet and chargers for all of the above and I still have room. A lot more fits in this lovely bag then I thought could. It also held up to the test. My life is everything but calm, I live out of my purse. I am always on the road and have a 2 year old on the ride as well. So I have sippy cups and binkies and diapers... which also had no problem fitting! I was able to carry my life with me in my purse and have it look fashionable... and it didn't fall out because its all nicely zippered in!

Its also very structurally sound. Susie has perfected these bags. They are sewn to perfection. With everything in the bag... mind you this is a lot of stuff and was relatively heavy... I had no issues with seams ripping or the sound of tearing. It carried everything like a champ. Another plus is where it was made from a jersey knit shirt, the handle feels padded, so even though its heavy, its extremely comfortable on your shoulder. Nothing compares to this hobo! 

Take it from me... I own 247 handbags and this is my go to bag right now. It holds up better, I don't have to worry about losing my things in my car and it fits everything and still has room for more!  Whats also great for all you cross body lovers, is this bag can be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody bag... you get the best of both worlds!

TO VISIT SmiLe aGain Creations CLICK HERE! 
Susie wanted one lucky winner to try out her shop! Enter below to win a $20.00 gift card to her shop to purchase whatever your little heart desires.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review and Giveaway - Jewel Of The Lion

Julie from Jewel of the Lion has recently has recently worked with us at Sparkling Star Reviews, sending me 4 flavors of her delectable fudge, that was to be put simply delicious.

I requested the following flavors:
Grasshopper Pie
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust
White Chocolate Raspberry and
Peppermint Candy

WOW, not only do the pictures look delicious, they were delivered quickly, arrived looking just as beautiful. Julie is easy to talk to and on the ball with her responses. The fudge was beyond amazing and came not only wrapped in nice packages, but vacumm sealed packages as well for freshness. Her products all come with information as to what each one is.

My dad tried the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cheesecake with Oreo Crust on his way to bring me my package, sad to say I was a bit disappointed ONLY because he finished that whole piece before i could get some.  He however, and I quote " It was the best fudge I have ever had" made me :( cause I really wanted that flavor.

OK,  so finally I got the package missing a piece, non the less I stared having a hard time picking which one to eat first.
Next up the Peppermint Candy, by that point my whole family is home so the kids wanted a piece to, delicious chocolate with a great peppermint flavor there is no skimmping on this peppermint flavor from this  fudge which is great I ordered Peppermint Candy I expected to taste it, this did not let me down.

Third we tried the White Chocolate Raspberry, I love raspberry so this fudge called out to me a smooth white chocolate taste a nice swirl through the fudge that blended well. Again not a single complaint by anyone in my family (not something that happens often)

Lastly we tried the Grasshopper Pie, OHHHH yummmy the crust on the fudge just added an extra pow of flavor and a nice crunch I only shared three little slices on this one, got to pretty much savor the flavor of it myself no complaints on that.

Each Fudge was beautiful on display as it was while it was being cut continuing to look beautiful.

So remarkable easy to work with and delicious Fudge as well as delicious sounding other baked products as well.

To Check out Julie please go to her Etsy Page ,
Facebook Page 

Julie has so graciously offered another person a Pound of her amazing Fudge. Please check out what you could win at this link

As well as 15% OFF  for any purchases you make by entering in the coupon code of JEWEL.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review and Giveaway - SewGracefulMitts

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Lindsey from SewGracefulMitts, She has a adorable Etsy Store, with blankets, mittens, crayon rolls, bibs and some other cute items.

My contact with Lindsey has been remarkable always an extremely fast response and super friendly service, shes willing to work with her customers as to there needs. Which is fantastic.

She sent me a Cars Crayon Roll, which I had never seen before super clever for those parents that have kids that put there crayons EVERYWHERE lol, you all know what I am talking about. This was shipped out quickly and received just as fast.

I personally plan on picking up one of her tie blankets for my 1 year old for Christmas seeing he loves soft blankets, and will continue to keep an eye on her products.

Lindsey has offered a follower an opportunity to win a product from her store, to do so you need to head over to her etsy site and pick an item that you love and put it in a blog post, dont forget to fill out the rafflecopter for your entry to be counted.

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Review and Giveaway - Hylands Health

Thanks to Hylands Health, I received an assortment of the products, With fantastic quick response from customer service and super fast shipping.

The first product we tried out, thanks to everyone in my house was the cold medications. The Defend Adult Cold Liquid quickly helped Matts nose clear right up and on his way to feeling better.

The teething tablets and gel are fantastic as well, as it seems to be some of the only product we can get our 1 year old to use with some sort of reaction. The teething tabs of course are all natural making you feel more at ease that your not over medicating your child. They quickly dissolve in the mouth before your child can really spit it out. Seems to also calm the nerves and pain enough to get him to relax and sleep or at least stop his fussing.

The Kids Cold Liquid also helped giving you the choice of both daytime and nighttime liquid. My 7 year old seemed to enjoy the taste of the medication and it quickly helped his sinuses clear up and relax for bedtime.

I highly recommend Hylands Natural products for you home. They will continued to be used in our home for many years to come seeing they offer products for all ages.

Hylands has so graciously offered to send you one lucky follower a gift box of products to try out as well. Your only requirement being liking there facebook page.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Babbling Brook Review/ Possible Giveaway

I love it when I have the chance to work with great stores on Etsy.com. You always get a personal touch and lots of friendliness. Babbling Brook Soap is no exception. Babbling Brook Soap is owned and run by Pat. Talking to Pat is like talking to an old friend. Always willing to help and answer your questions.

Babbling Brook Soap is vegan friendly and uses no animal products or petroleum products in their items. So you can rest assure that everything used in your soap is natural and good for your skin. Each bar is packed full of goodness, both in scent and essential oils! 

I have been using Babbling Brook Soap for a little over a week now, and have been using it without using lotion and have used it strictly alone. I have not experienced any drying in my skin and have actually noticed an improvement as far as moisture in my skin goes. 

I bake and cook a lot! I always have something going on in my house and am always washing my hands... they tend to dry out quite easily, but not with Babbling Brook Soap! 

I received 3 bars of soap to review! 

Mango Coconut - a delightful scent of mangos and fresh coconut. It is a medium scented soap and unlike some bar soaps, the scent will linger on your skin for a while. Out of all the scents this was my favorite, mostly because I love mango and coconut together and love anything that has a sweet scent to it. This soap definitely delivers that and more!

Gardenia - a soft floral scent that will have your inner southern bell standing up to take notice. This soap also leaves a nice light scent on your skin. I was getting compliments everywhere I went about how good I was smelling... funny thing is, all I had used was this Gardenia soap! Fabulous!

Spearmint Orange- This soap reminds me a bit of the holidays. When I was younger my grandfather used to carry around those little spearmint pinwheel hard candies around the holidays. Its a bit stronger than the other two scents but spearmint usually is. My favorite use for this soap has been to get the scents of food off my skin after cooking. I can't stand when you have been mincing garlic or onions and no matter what you do you can't get that scent off your skin. After cooking I used this and it took all traces of onions and garlic out of my skin... this is by far my new favorite kitchen companion! 

Pat wanted you to be able to try Babbling Brook Soap as well so she offered all followers a free shipping promo! Enter HOLIDAYS2012 at check out to get free shipping on your order.

If you order anything from Babbling Brook Soap make sure to save the link to your purchase... why? Anyone making purchases from featured shops will have a chance to enter a giveaway that will be up tomorrow for a $50.00 Amazon Card!  

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