Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chick-Fil-A Giveaway


Friday, November 18, 2011

EdenFantasys Testimonial 11/18

EdenFantasys is a great online store that is known for selling sex toys. Many people think that, that is all they sell, but they carry so many other things other than sex toys. There are some really great deals to take advantage of! They always have some sort of sale going on. Like this week you save 25% off all vibrators. EdenFantasys is so much more than sex toys though. I am going to show you a few items this week that are carried at EdenFantasys... that are not sex toy related. I know many people shy away from sex toy stores, most are creepy, or you are afraid that someone will know what you are buying. EdenFantasys is always discreet in both shipping and billing... no one is going to know what you ordered unless you share what you bought with them.

Here are some really awesome items that EdenFantasys is now selling that just blow my socks off!

Flirty little secret perfume oil with pheromones 

This delicious roll on perfume oil consists of the scents of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood invites seduction. It small enough to throw in your purse. I personally have two of them, one for my purse and one for at home. I have had tons of compliments on how good this perfume smells.

     Bella's Happily Ever After Whipped Body Crème

    This body cream is so hydrating. It feels like butter on your skin, and it quickly sinks in leaving a grease free soft feel to your skin. The scent is light but sooo good. It reminds me of an almond biscotti.

    Get flushed sexy lip and cheek tint In scarlet fever
    Want to add a little bit of color to your routine. This lip and cheek tint is like hitting two bids with one stone. You no longer need two different products for you lips and cheeks. It adds a very nice light tint to your cheeks and lips and as an added bonus, I have also used this as an eye shadow. It adds a very nice subtle pink shade to your lids. Its a great on the go make up regime. 

    Kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss
    Kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss
    This has easily become my favorite lip gloss. I don't see a whole lot of plumping action from it, but I do have pretty plump lips to begin with. It adds a very nice soft pink to my lips and has a nice menthol mint finish to it. This isn't one of those glosses that you have to be afraid of getting in your mouth because of the nasty taste. This lip gloss has a nice passion fruit flavor.

    You can find all these items and so much more on .... What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    Smartphone Challenge and Giveaway!

    I find it insane as to how much we have come to rely on computers. So I am presenting a challenge to anyone following or any new comer that would like to accept. I want you to give up your computer from the date you sign up until Dec. 15th. You have to rely solely on the graces of your smartphone for all of your internet needs. This includes blogging! I will be taking the challenge as well and will be updating my blog using the iPhone blogger app. If you are able to complete the time using your smartphone instead of your computer you will be entered to win a prize along with everyone else entered. 

    What You Need To Do
    * Write a blog post letting your readers know about the challenge and what it entails. 

    * Come back and link your post below.

    *Update via blog about how things are going using your iPhone, you can do this as often as once a day. Come back and link the post and you will get an extra entry. (you can use the computer to enter your links, just not to post them.)

    One winner will receive a new Kindle and a $25 Amazon Gift Card to build their new Kindle library.
    So Get on those Smartphones and enter now!

    It ends on Dec 15th ... just in time to receive it by Christmas!

    Win a DVD of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt 2!

     Enter below for your chance to win a DVD copy 
    of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2!

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    RockitBot Review and Giveaway

    I got to work with a fabulous Etsy seller this week! The store is called RockitBot. They make cellphone wallets and key fobs. The one you see to your right, is the one I received as a review item. Its the Tweet Tweet case. It has a brown background with a Twitter esc design on it! What better for a Twitter addict like myself?

    I got to select this case myself. Brook sent it out quickly and I received it just as fast. Upon receiving the package, it was wrapped in tissue paper, then tucked into a cellophane bag and tied with an adorable ribbon, this is perfect for gift giving, and with Christmas right around the corner, I will definitely be picking up a couple for relatives. It also included a note attached to the package for the buyer, which also included a RockitBot pencil inside!

    Now to talk shop. This is a very well made cellphone wallet, with a premium reinforced fabric on the outside and coordinating fabric on the inside. The pockets are made from felt, which is cut and sewn to expertly hold all your goods. It holds everything from cash to cards, you cellphone, ears buds, sd cards and sd card reader, flash drive, and one little pocket can hold up to 3 guitar picks! and it has a place for your cellphone. I have a white iPhone 4 and it fit perfectly, I didn't worry about it falling out and the felt pocket won't scratch the screen if you don't have a protector on it. This perfect when you don't want to carry a bag but still want to be able to carry everything you need with you.

    The wallet has a wide fabric, rubber band that keeps everything nice and secure for you, no worries about anything falling out. Brook was also nice enough to include a matching key fob for easy carrying. It attaches to the little lobster clasp that you see in the picture on your right. 

    I honestly tried my damnedest to find something, anything wrong with this wallet. I have used it about a week and have had an unbelievable amount of compliments on it. I have dropped it with my iPhone in it and nothing happened to my phone. I also chucked it across the room at a wall with everything, including my phone in the wallet, nothing came out of it and my phone was protected completely from the impact. I also handed this off to my daughter who is 19 months old and she couldn't get into it, meaning my phone is safe from chewing! Overall I think the only flaw I found in this wallet is.... that I couldn't find one, it is blissfully perfect in every way! Not to mention Brook is a fabulous seller, she is friendly and attentive to the buyer. I have no doubt that any purchase with her would be easy and stress free, and you would end up with exactly what you were expecting. I couldn't ask for a better review item than this wallet. 

    Luckily for you... You can enter to win this cellphone wallet from RockitBot! All you have to do is enter below. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you enter correctly, everything will be double checked.

    EdenFantasys Testimonial 11/1

    It's been a little while since I have done an EdenFantasys testimonial so I thought what better than today?
    As you may know is a great retailer of sex toys. But they have way more than just sex toys, They also have sexy lingerie, massage oils and candles, bath and body items... they even sell towels now! I mean how many companies that sell sex toys also sell towels and lingerie? Not many that I know. But more than that Edenfantasys is also very discreet. You will NOT see the word sex toys anywhere on the package during shipping or on your credit card statement. It appears as Web Merchants, so as far as anyone knows you were just shopping online.

    I am a stickler for customer service, I have extremely high expectations and am very disappointed if even one of my expectations are let down. I have never been disappointed with Edenfantasys. Everyone is super helpful and they don't get upset when you ask a ton of questions... in fact its encouraged! also has a great community where you can talk to people just like you! The people that talk on the forums are like everyone else, you won't find any 'weirdos' here! They are moms, teachers, construction workers, engineers, health care workers ect. Anyone that answers questions is unbelievably respectful, it will be like talking with a friend!

    It doesn't end there! EdenFantasys also has a blog! EdenCafe! You can go there and find out things about both new and old toys, great posts by other members of the EdenFantasys community and enter to win some awesome goodies!

    No matter what your need, you can fill them all at

    Out Today: New Releases 11/1

    ALWAYS MACKENZIE by Kate Constable
    *AT FIRST BITE by Ruth Ames
    *CROSSED by Ally Condie
    *DANGEROUS TURN AHEAD by Sherri Gallagher
    *DARK EDEN by Patrick Carman
    *DARK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts
    *DUCHESS: KITTY CORNER by Ellen Miles
    *EXTRAORDINARY ENDANGERED ANIMALS by Sandrine Silhol & Gaelle Guerive
    *FIRST DAY ON EARTH by Cecil Castellucci
    *HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE BIBLE by Thomas Nelson Publishers
    *THE HUGO MOVIE COMPANION by Brian Selznick
    *IBOY by Kevin Brooks
    *ICEBERG, RIGHT AHEAD!: THE TRAGEDY OF THE TITANIC by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
    *JUSTIN BIEBER ANNUAL 2012 by Millie Rowlands
    *LIAR'S MOON by Elizabeth C. Bunce
    *MIND'S EYE by Gillian Philip
    *MOOSE: THE PUPPY PLACE by Ellen Miles
    *MY VERY UNFAIRY TALE LIFE by Anna Staniszewski
    *OFF THE RAILS by Anne Rooney
    *THE PACKAGE: NOVE'S CURSE by Lisa Naraine
    *RISING TIDE by Anne Rooney
    *SCOTTISH CRIMINALS by Gary Smailes
    *SOUND BENDER by Lin Oliver & Theo Baker
    *TOUCH: A DENAZEN NOVEL by Jus Accardo

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