Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freedom Japanese Market Unboxing and Video

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription’s start at only 12.99 a month, and go up depending on the quantity of snacks you’d like. The one I received was the 24.99 option with 12-16 full sized snacks!!

I absolutely loved this box! It has to be one of my favorites as I wouldn’t have tried these if it hadn’t been for the box and I am absolutely in love with the Chocolate Umaibo which was the puffed corn covered in chocolate 😍 I wish that there were more!

I absolutely love this box! Even though there were flavors that we weren't too keen on, we loved most of the items included! I am thinking about subscribing to this box, as I would like to see the other possibilities in future boxes. I think it is a blast trying foods from different places, and without receiving the Freedom Japan Market subscription for review, I never would've had the opportunity to try anything in the box! 

Dillon is not used to being on camera and looks so uncomfortable/nervous lol

To order your subscription visit:

Monday, November 27, 2017

Little Life Box Unboxing Sept 2017 @LittleLifeBox1

Little Life box is a healthy lifestyle subscription. It features a mix of snacks, supplements, and beauty products. According to the insert I received the September box. I did receive this in November. I don't know if this was just an error, of the wrong card being placed in the wrong box?

I do however really like the box! Its quite original in the sense that you receive a mixture of items. This isn't just a snack box, or a beauty box. This box literally has a little bit of everything, which I really like. I hope that I have the opportunity to receive more of these boxes in the future as I am interested in seeing what else they have to offer each month.

This box starts at a very reasonable $21 per month! And features 8-12 products per box.

FitSanck Unboxing Nov 2017 FitSnack 60% Off! @FitSnack

FitSnack is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to your door! 
I absolutely love FitSnack as it provides me healthy options without all the thinking. I am extremely health concious as I recently lost 120lbs, something that I don't wish to regain. So staying healthy is super important to me, and choosing the right snacks is a huge part of that. 

FitSnack is normally $19.90 per month, but if you sign up today using the link below you will save 60% off of your FitSnack subscription!

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